Row of Exercise BikesDoes the perfect Saturday afternoon involve a bike, the outdoors and a beautiful blue sky? While a leisurely stroll on your bike is great exercise—after all, what’s better than some fresh air and pedaling at your own pace?—here’s something even better. Cycle your heart out, to boost your heart rate! Cycling has been and continues to be one of the most popular forms of exercise, and it doesn’t stop at just weight loss. Here’s some great reasons to head to spin class, STAT!

You’re in a Bad Mood (and You Can’t Get Out of It)

Not every day will feel like a success. Sometimes, it will just feel like it sucks. Feeling stressed, restless or grumpy? Spin is the solution! Here’s why: because spin is a high intensity workout, it forces you to devote every bit of your energy, focus and concentration to the workout itself. That means, it serves as the perfect distraction to that meeting that didn’t go like you planned or that argument you had with your spouse. Pedal your way to a happier state of mind and body!

Your Instructor Won’t Let You Slack Off (Which Means You’ll Work Out Harder Than Ever!)

When was the last time you worked out with your head totally in the game? When was the last time you pushed, lifted and pressed your way to a fit body, while the whole time, feeling motivated, energized and focused on NOTHING but the workout itself? Yep. That’s what a spin class does. While it is one of the higher intensity classes you’ll take, it’s one of the most effective ones, too. Case in point? An instructor that won’t let you leave class early, slack off or just pedal along mindlessly. Spin is about success. As in, your success. Having the perk of an instructor that helps motivate you to reach your goals is worth going all by itself.

Young Woman Exercising on an Exercise BikeYou’ll Get Gorgeous, Gisele-Worthy Legs

Yep, ladies. The “Gisele” I’m referring to is none other than the highest paid model in history, that Victoria Secret model you worship, who’s married to Tom Brady and after having two babies looks effortlessly amazing. But her legs? It’s the most amazing part about her.

Spin class is a little like getting a Gisele worthy workout. Except instead of paying what she pays her personal trainer, you’re just paying your monthly gym dues, and enduring the wrath of spin madness. As you crank up the resistance of your bike, you will work out every muscle in your legs—including the calves and quads—in order to transform your lower body quicker than you can imagine.