When it comes to your work day, times are hectic—and let’s face it—sedentary. While you’re busy making deals, landing accounts and creating spreadsheets, your metabolism is slowing down and your will power for resisting those vending machine snacks is getting weaker by the day. Here’s how to add more extra steps (we’re talking hundreds, here!) so you can bring more happiness to the workplace and more passion to the work you do.

Skip the Elevator, Take the Stairs

Businessman going upstairsDo you avoid the stair master at your gym because it challenges your endurance and will power like no other cardio machine can? While it may not feel like a walk in the park, it gives you the results no other machine can as quickly. Want a better butt? Want to give your mind a break from the drama in the relationship? Do you want to stop feeling out of breath when you pick your toddler up and tote him around the house? Then start taking the stairs at work (instead of riding the elevator) and you’ll power up your metabolism in a snap.

Park in the Furthest Spot That You Can (and Walk Last Night’s Dinner Off!)

Do you hate the feeling of sitting at your desk all day but feel helpless since you have to be there to earn a paycheck? The solution lies in the opportunity your work day brings—a few minutes here, and a few minutes there to get extra steps in.

Park the furthest spot away in the parking lot and walk yourself to an extra 200 hundred steps. Walk around the building during your lunch break. Make laps around your floor during a ten minute morning break. Scout out break rooms, copy machines, and even bathrooms that are farther away.

Start a Walking Group at Work (and Enjoy Some Fresh Air)

Business people walking together on streetIt may be tempting to treat yourself to a hearty bowl of pasta at your favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant, but do you really want to spend your afternoon at work in a food-induced coma? Instead, grab a salad with your co-workers who want to get on the fast track to good health, then when the clock strikes 12:30, head outside for a 20 minute walk. You’ll get a few extra couple hundred steps in while catching up on office gossip!

When you get ‘sneaky’ about getting extra steps in, you’ll increase your heart health, boost office morale and increase your brain power. Improving your mind and body health has never been easier—just take it step by step!