Susan G. Komen did an amazing thing: she created the largest ever fundraising event for breast cancer awareness. What she also did is help the world think of breast cancer awareness when they see the color pink! So, this month do two good things as you work your glutes to submission—fight for a cure while you tone and tighten and you could just save a life! What are you waiting for? Here are three fun, fit ways to spread the word while getting seriously in shape.

Find a Susan G. Komen Race in Your Area

Go pink, and race for the cure. Get fit while raising money or support for a great cause. And whether you know someone personally who received early detection or unfortunately got breast cancer that wasn’t caught soon enough, there is no time like the month of October (National Breast Cancer Awareness month) to get fit while spreading the word about this important area of concern for women of all ages— that includes you—and to do something about it.

Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure is the largest fundraising race in the world, and no matter where you live, you can sign up, get involved and race to spread the word with your co-workers, neighborhood, friends and even online community. Assert yourself by being the leader of your group, and recruit everyone around you to be the cure—in order to find a cure! Have fun, get fit, and create a sense of community while you work off those extra calories in the process!

Boxing for Boobies

As one of the newer (at catchier!) activities to spread breast cancer awareness, many gyms across the country are holding Boxing for Boobies events. Get the girls (and guys) in your life involved by paying a $50 entrance fee for a 90 minute boxing session. What better opportunity to get your aggression, stress and anger out than with an adrenaline pumping workout that could save lives?

Samba Your Way to a Hot Bod!

Zumba classes seem to continue being the most popular cardio class around, and for good reason: put those salsa moves to work, and a one hour class can allow you to burn off up to 800 calories! Talk to your favorite Zumba instructor and motivate her to teach a special class—opened up to the entire community (not just gym members) and wear pink. So girls—get out your cutest pink yoga pants, and guys, don’t be bashful—‘salmon’ attire is in, and it’s pink enough to count!

There’s two things that can instantly perk you up, make you feel good and allow you to feel connected, and that’s supporting a cause and exercising. That’s it! So be part of finding a cure by being the cure through a fit and fun way to support breast cancer awareness!