Now more than ever kids have indoor attractions to hold their attention, such as TV and video games. Due to this, it is much more difficult to get children to move and be active, which is crucial to their overall health. However, the right activities can make kids want to be more active and can actually serve as fantastic family bonding activities. Keep reading to learn five fun and easy exercises to do with your kids!

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are great because they require children to be active and engage their mind as well. If you’re not familiar with what a scavenger hunt is exactly, it is a game in which participants attempt to find intriguing items. There’s usually a list provided of the hidden items at the start of the game. While scavenger hunts are typically conducted outside, a scavenger hunt can make for a fun indoor game as well.

Play Tag/Hide and Go Seek

Exercise doesn’t get much simpler for children than a fun game of tag or hide and seek. A good game of tag is a great way to get the kids engaging in high-intensity exercise without even realizing they are doing so. Hide and Go Seek is also a great way to get children to be more active while engaging in a fun family activity as well. The best part of hide and seek, similar to a scavenger hunt, is it requires children to utilize problem solving as well as physical activity.

Walk The Dog

No, this isn’t a clever name for a game; it literally means you walk the dog. Walking the dog can be a clever way to get children out of the house and to be physically active. Pets can make walks much more interesting and, in most cases, requires much more physical effort. If you don’t have a dog, kids are still open to going for a walk with just their family as well.

Play The Wii

Wii fit was created to solve the correlation between video games and childhood obesity. The Wii, which is a fun, interactive video game console, is a great way to spend quality time with your kids while getting them to move around and be active at the same time. Fun tip: Let your kids pick the game to ensure they get the most out of the experience.

Jump Rope

Come on, you probably have a fond memory of jumping rope when you were a child – most of us do. For some reason, jumping rope is an extremely enjoyable exercise for kids, and joining along with them can really make for a great bonding moment. While you and your child may stumble a few times while “learning the ropes,” you are both certain to have a blast once you get the hang of it.