-Warm months are perfect for exercising outdoors. Explore tips on forming a social group that is focused on working out outside.


Take advantage of longer days and warmer weather to kick off your outdoor exercise plan. Add a few fitness buddies for greater accountability and more fun. These tips will show you how.


Tip for the time-crunched parent

Sure, you have ten-thousand to-dos on your list and exercise just feels like one more thing you won’t get to. It’s possible with a plan. If you are employed outside the home, try recruiting a few co-workers willing to walk even 30-minutes before or after work or during lunch. If that doesn’t feel possible, suggest walking meetings. 


Start in your own backyard

Neighbors can make great workout buddies. Ask around at the next block party or driveway drop by. If you are on NextDoor, that is a good place to recruit. Share as much information as you can in your post, so readers can decide and commit right then, rather than have to go back and forth. For example, say you want to start a walking group that will meet Monday and Wednesday at 7 pm or Saturday mornings at 9 am. Include who the group is open to and how long you will walk. You might want to include miscellaneous information as well, such as if dogs are welcome.


Try social media

Facebook and Meetup are good places to find people who share common interests and are looking for ways to connect. Again, share as much as you can about the when, where and why of the group. Be responsive when contacted to keep the interest going.


Go the old-fashioned route

Looking for a group to bike, hike or swim with? Make a flyer and post it where people who like to do these things are likely to see it. 


Spring for some swag

Once you have a few group members, get everyone to pitch in a few bucks for t-shirts or bumper stickers. Get a cool name that will be a conversation starter or at least pique some interest. Start a website using the same name so people can find you and learn how to join the group.


Be consistent

Consistency will help you build momentum and maintain interest. Poll members regularly to understand their needs and expectations. Forming an outdoor fitness group is a win for everyone – have fun, get fit and find new friends. What are you waiting for?