Exercising outdoors can be particularly energizing and invigorating. Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air while getting in some cardio is great, but it’s important to make sure you’re doing it safely. This is especially true on the hottest days when it’s easy to become overheated or dehydrated. Keep these tips in mind when exercising in hot and humid weather.

Don’t Overdo It

It’s especially important to exercise within your physical limits when it’s really hot outside. It could be dangerous to your health to overdo it in extreme heat. Stick to your usual routine or even take it a bit easier than you normally would just to be safe.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated matters even more when the temperatures are especially high. Drink water before your workout and take breaks throughout just to be sure you get enough. Drinking lots of water helps to replace the water that is lose when you sweat. You’ll be more energized for your entire workout if you drink up.

Pick the Best Time

Time of day is crucial when it comes to exercising in the heat. You don’t want to go out at midday when the sun is the hottest. Try to choose a morning or early evening routine. If you must exercise in the middle of the day, try to choose a shady spot or even consider a water exercise like swimming or aqua aerobics.

Dress Right

Light-colored, lightweight clothing is best for working out on hot days. That’s because dark material absorbs the sun’s rays and intensifies the heat. Your workout outfit should also be loose-fitting so that the air has room to circulate.

Have a Snack

A light snack can help you to maintain your energy during a heated workout. Try to stick with juicier options such as fruit. Denser, dryer choices can weigh you down or upset your stomach.

Look for Warning Signs

It’s imperative to know that warning signs that you may be doing too much. Pay attention to how your body is feeling and try not to dismiss anything that seems “off.” Some signs to be aware of include:

Rapid heartbeat

If any of these occur, head inside to a cool room to take a break. It’s probably a good idea to call it a day and rest up.

Keep these tips in mind when exercising in hot and humid conditions. You’ll have a much more enjoyable, and safe, workout if you do.