Your neighbor has done it. Your co-workers have done it, and even your spouse has done it (although he/she would never admit to it!) and yep—you’ve done it too. You’ve skipped out on a healthy meal or chosen a supersize value meal at a fast food restaurant instead of a healthy grilled salmon dinner at home because…well, no one was there to stop you! Here’s how to stop the weight loss/weight gain insanity—simply with food tracking. Read on to learn why it’s so crucial to your success.
First and Foremost: Accountability!
As you already know, the older you become, the slower your metabolism becomes unless you continue to eat the right kind of high nutrient foods, and fuel your body with natural energy and fat burning properties. But what happens when you aren’t even aware of what you’re putting into your body?
Finger on Nutrition LabelFood tracking is the perfect solution for anyone who isn’t losing weight but eating well, because with everything you have going on in your busy daily life, you can’t always remember when you fall off track with a few cookies here, or a bowl of late night ice-cream there. What about the celebratory pieces of cake your office supplies you with? Does that count? Calories come in many shapes and sizes, so a shared appetizer here and there may seem like 100 calories—maybe! —when in reality, it was doused in butter and fried—who knew?—which really set you back 500 calories! Hold yourself accountable with food tracking and lose your way to weight loss success.
Secondly: Keeping the Spark of Working Out Alive!
You can’t sustain weight loss success by simply eating well. While food is about 70 percent of the key to healthy, fit living, continual weight loss and a toned, fit body is about raising your heartbeat, strengthening your core and flexing those muscles! It can be easy to start a workout program, but not so easy to stick with one. The beauty of food tracking is the ‘seeing is believing’ approach. By recording your daily caloric intake, the kinds of foods you ate and how much you ate of each, you can stay motivated by simply ‘seeing’ your progress.
Thirdly, Know What To Change In Order to Change It
It’s ok if not every day is a good eating day. Not every day will be. The most important thing is, when you do indulge and wave the flag to your diet, you start the next morning healthy and fueled up for weight loss success again! Start your morning looking at the past couple of days. What did you eat? How clean was your diet? How much increased confidence and energy did you have as a result? Focus on that. Don’t focus on the day or days you were unable to resist dessert.
Get back to the positive, and the feelings of a healthy mind and body when you committed to healthy eating. With food tracking, you can hold yourself accountable, find the motivation to work out, and know what to change, in order to change your body!