Every couple has their own way of being romantic, whether it’s on the national day of love, Valentine’s Day, or year round. It could be that your
boyfriend or spouse loves to deliver a big bouquet of flowers to your place of work. Or, that he wines and dines you at your favorite French restaurant.  It could be that you love nothing more than to tell him you adore him, or as a grand romantic gesture of your own, buy him two tickets to see his favorite basketball team take home the championship.

And why not? A relationship is based on all the good stuff – affection, a connection and molding together two lives to make one. But besides the obvious benefits that your valentine can give you, being in a relationship can also give you the added benefit of health!

 The Gym Can Be a Relationship Strengthener

It’s true that your partner has the power to motivate you to get fit, improve your endurance on the elliptical machine, and even encourage you to raise the bar for your weight training routine. Take advantage of your sweetheart and bring him into your exercise plan!

Start to incorporate a new tradition into your relationship by working out together on a regular basis, and strengthen the heart that beats so fiercely for him!  Work out with your valentine, and not only improve your physique, but jump on the chance to spend some real quality time together.

Now that’s an expression of true love.

A Fit Body, a Healthy Relationship  

Who said lunges and squats had to be a solitary exercise? Doing lunges on your own can strengthen every muscle in your lower body. Perform lunges as a couple, and you’ll reap the benefits of connecting with one another while getting toned! Start by facing one another in a standing position and holding hands. As you lunge back with your right leg, your partner will lunge down with his left. Alternate, and perform 12 reps.

Next, try a couple’s squat. Stand upright, facing one another and holding hands. Lower yourself with a straight back, and bending your knees in a controlled manner. Bend your hips until you are both squatting in a still position. Still holding hands, raise your bodies back up in unison.

Getting fit isn’t just about the fitness goals you have, and working on them with a focused mindset until you reach your destination. Fitness is also about using what you’ve got – a Valentine who can motivate you, stand in as your ‘coach’ while you cheer him on as well! When you’re fit, and focus on a healthy lifestyle of exercise and discipline, your body doesn’t just improve. Your organs don’t just work more effectively. Your breathing doesn’t just get better, and your stress doesn’t just decrease.

Your relationship – and all that you know it to be right now in this moment – becomes better than you can imagine. And when that happens, you don’t just have a healthy mindset and a killer body. You have a relationship that’s unbreakable!