Whether you’re in the ‘zone’ with your workouts, or in a serious 5 month old workout slump, the rule for your best, healthiest life is the same – get fit, and make it a lifestyle; not a mere destination.  Here are some of the easiest and most efficient ways to get you in the mood to tighten and take your workout up a notch, until it becomes a natural way of life!

Cheat During Your Workouts, and You’re Only Cheating Yourself

If you were really honest about it, there’s probably been more than one occasion that you cut out of the weight room early, or after running five minutes on the treadmill, thought “I better get to work,” and left the gym altogether. But when you think about it, your boss can’t give you that body you want, and neither can that bonus check for working overtime. Only you can.

Put in the time and effort those toned abs, lean thighs and svelte figure require – put in the time and go all out, for every single second that you’re at the gym. Because the fact is, when you cheat your workouts, you cheat yourself the opportunity to have not only the body, but the life of your dreams.

Go Clean, and Make Your Body Lean and Mean!

Exercise and you’ll slowly but steadily drop some pounds. Eat clean, along with exercise, and you’ll send yourself on an adrenaline high that will give you the body you want in a faster and healthier way than ever. Your body is your temple, and depends on you to fuel it with food that nourishes, not comforts you day in, and day out. Skip the cheesy macaroni, and skip the brownie for desert. You don’t deserve chocolate – you deserve a strong, liberated and powerful body that takes you places you’ve never been before.

Get Off the ‘Excuse Train’ With an Early Morning Workout

You’ve done it. Your sister has done it. Even your preachy best friend who claims she knows the secret to slimming down in 30 days has done it – you’ve made excuses not to work out and instead grabbed take out from your favorite greasy Chinese restaurant. But here’s the thing, and the trick to staying off the ‘excuse train’ forever – when you look at your body as your vehicle in life, and put self-respect over anything else in your life, you’ll look at ‘feel the burn’ in order to burn the calories very differently. You’ll begin to feel better about how you look, and hopeful about your fitness and weight loss goals.

As you change your mind set about fitness and look at it as a lifestyle (not a mere destination) you’ll become happier, lighter, smarter, and look younger than ever. Live your life making excuses for your body, or live your life feeling empowered by it. It’s your call.