Fitness for seniorsAh, the golden years. You’ve finally done it—you’ve graduated from the 9-5 job, and begun a life of leisure. So, while you enjoy vacationing to Hawaii, spend extra time with your grandkids and tend to your flourishing garden, don’t forget to take care of the most important thing of all: your health. Here’s some ways to do just that.

Put Together a Retired Walking Group

While retirement has its many perks—sleeping in, reading the newspaper for hours, and planning your dream vacation—it can get lonely, especially if your friends or spouse is still working! One of the best ways to beat the ‘lonely blues’ while at the same time, keeping fit, is by putting together a casual walking group.

Ask the manager of your local gym if you can post a flyer on their community bulletin board, or announce at your church or recreation center that you welcome any walkers to your group! Walking is a great way to keep your health at an all-time high (both physically and mentally) as well as forging friendships to last through your golden years.

Try Those Fitness Classes You Now Have Time For

One of the greatest aspects of retirement is free time! Now that you are no longer burdened with a packed-to-the-brim work schedule, you can really enjoy the flexibility that a life of leisure brings you. The trick is, staying your fittest and healthiest self, in the process. Take a look at the group fitness class at your local gym. You may find a Zumba, water aerobics or cardio class specifically designed for seniors. Or, if you want more one-on-one time with an instructor, hire a personal trainer to help you get acclimated to the weight room and begin an exercise program that will strength your muscles, while minimizing your risk of injury.

Incorporate Exercise into Your Vacations

Senior Man Exercising In ParkYou’ve waited your whole life to vacation to Hawaii, Thailand or perhaps, see the Great Barrie Reef in Australia. No matter where you want to go, now that you’re retired, you can do it! That’s great! Your vacation will be all that you imagine it to be—as well as the perfect chance to exercise in new, exciting ways. Parasail, scuba dive (a great lower body workout) or take a morning yoga class on the beach. Get a massage (which will release toxins and improve your physical and mental health!) before sipping a mai tai. End each day taking a walk, while you enjoy the gorgeous sunset.

You’ve lived a life in which you’ve had to work hard. Now it’s your turn to enjoy some rest, some relaxation and enjoyment with loved ones. Enjoy it even more when you focus on daily exercise. The more you care for your body, the more enjoyable your retirement will be!