Has ‘date night’ started to feel a bit…predictable lately?  If so, we’ve got five really fun, totally unpredictable, and health focused date ideas that won’t just bring the fun back into dating again…but that will keep your metabolism revving! Pick one, any one and recreate date night!
Take a Dance Lesson
You may have told yourself (and your significant other) for months now how much fun a dance night would be. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is (and don’t worry, it won’t cost you much.) Dance lessons are offered all over your local city, so whether you want to take swing, ballroom or salsa, you’ll guaranteed to have a blast (while burning some serious calories!)
Sign Up For Couple’s Yoga
Couples yoga is one of the trending and relatively ‘newer’ yoga classes that have taken over—and you can find it at your local gym, specialized yoga studios, or even organized classes at the park. Taking a yoga class together (which incorporate many poses to be done together as a couple) promote a sense of closeness and can be a great bonding experience.
Go Climb a Rock

Rock climbing male instructor hold rope blond woman hanging
The couple that dives into this adrenaline and dopamine pumping date idea just may be the couple that stays together. One of the best things about rock climbing together is that you learn how to support one another, care for each other’s well being, and challenge each other to make it to the top! Rock climbing requires that each person be emotionally present, so it’s a win/win for not only strengthening your physical body, but strengthening the bond you have as well!
Take Your Bikes and Go For a Romantic Ride
Are you about to go on your second date (after having a great first date) with someone new, or have you been married for thirty years, and looking for a new date idea from the old dinner and a movie routine? No matter how long you’ve been together or what your age is, a romantic bike ride is always a great move to make. Pack a lunch for two, strap it on your bike, and take a leisurely ride during sunset (stopping at the ideal spot to watch the sun go down). Change it up by going bike riding one night, kayaking, canoeing or taking a walk the next.
No matter what you choose for your next date night, why not make it a fun one? By using any of our suggestions, you can have a spontaneous, romantic time out while also doing something good for your heart health, and waistline!