businesswoman with two laptopsBelieve it or stay in denial, but the truth of the matter is the same—the holidays (and hectic nature of the holiday season) is here. Run from it if you must, but we’re a big believer in facing challenges head on—fitness related or otherwise. And, since you have an ever growing to-do list this time of year, expect some fatigue. While we can’t be everywhere you need to be and do everything you need to do, we can help you achieve more energy and less exhaustion along the way. Exercise is the answer—and here’s three tricks to achieving more of it (so you become the energizer bunny throughout the holidays that you need to be!)

Start Each Morning With Short Bursts of High Intensity Aerobics

When you wake up in the morning, do you feel ready to take on the world with gusto—or ready to hit the snooze button and turn over for some more shut-eye? Here’s a fact that’s worth staying up for: the more exercise you get, the more energy your body produces. So, when you incorporate daily exercise into your busy schedule, you’ll be more alert and productive throughout your day. While it may initially seem like a rough way to start your day (you may need to get up an hour earlier for a morning workout) you’ll soon see it’s the best possible way to start your day.

Practice Self-Care (and Be as Creative as You’d Like!)

Do you something for yourself every single day? If you’re all work and no play, consider your life out of balance. Moderation is key, and developing a routine of self-care is mandatory. When you commit to something you do just for yourself every single day such as: meditation, reading the newspaper, stretching, taking a bath or simply doing nothing at all but deep breathing in peace and quiet, you won’t just find that you’re happier. You’ll discover that you are able to fight fatigue!

Bond Over Exercise With Your Entire Family

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is exercise. After a busy day of work, does the thought of running, spinning or lunging make you simply feel wiped out? If so, get your whole family involved with an evening walk or afternoon stroll. Does your teenage son love playing basketball? Then play some one-on-one! Does your daughter love to dance? Then sign everyone up for a family Zumba class on Sunday.  Because the truth is, there’s nothing like a good calorie burning exercise session to beat mid-week fatigue!