Family riding bikes in countrysideDo you have a busy household of toddlers and teens? Does it feel like you haven’t been able to do much lately, besides work at the office and clean up at home—which leaves you very little time with your significant other? If so, you might be in desperate need for a family fitness day. It’s the perfect opportunity to bring together all the members your family (whether it’s just you and your spouse, or a whole tribe of kids and dogs!) Mark your calendars for September 26th, and save the date for a day of fun and fitness!

The Importance of Family Involvement

If you work full-time, then you know how it feels to pack enough family time in your busy schedule. Spending time cooking, helping them with their homework and putting them to bed takes up the evening. How will you ever get exercise in? Family Fitness Day, which occurs on the last Saturday of September, is a great way to head down to your local YMCA, mall, rec centers, gyms and other participating organizations to get moving! Bring the whole family because you’ll find something for everyone. You can expect to find health screenings, dance class demonstrations, food samples, health workshops, open houses and non-competitive games. What better way to have fun and get motivated than by doing it together as a family?

The Family That Works Out Together…

Family Father Son Bonding Sports Socceer ConceptWhen you’re not spending enough time with the ones you love (except for a few hours in the evening, at the most) it can be difficult to keep the tight family bond, intact. Here are some great way to keep the bond alive, the communication stellar, and the fun in the forefront of your family’s to-do list:

  • Put together a family activity chart. Each week, every family member gets a turn to pick something fun to do for the weekend. Your five year old might love to go to the park, so for a few hours everyone in your family heads to the park. Make time for everyone to get their turn—whether it’s cooking your teen’s favorite dinner, or taking a walk together at sundown.
  • Get the whole neighborhood involved. There’s no better way to stay in shape than by bringing the whole neighborhood together (talk about a gaggle of happy kids and their parents!) Arrange a scavenger hunt, and get your children outside, or throw a big backyard bash in the spirit of making fitness fun again! Cook your kid’s favorite foods, and show off your culinary skills to all the grownups. Suggest a walking group to your neighbors, and be a true leader for fitness n the neighborhood!

Even if your lifestyle is sedentary more than it is active, all it takes is a slight change in your lifestyle—and that begins with just one day. Bring the whole family out to Family Fitness Day on September 26th, and as a result, bring the ‘fun’ back into your family again!