Why travel for business and not do everything within your power to put your best foot forward? No, that doesn’t make much sense but, the fact is you may not be doing everything you can to be your best if you skip exercise when traveling for business. A U.S. News Health article cites research by Harvard psychiatrist and author of Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, John Ratey, to explain that exercise boosts brain power. More specifically the article says exercise has a significantly positive effect on memory, mood and learning. If you are looking for another way to get ahead in business, exercise may just be the ticket. Sure, the idea of exercise in a strange city can feel like too much of a bother – not necessarily so. Read on, exercise for business travelers is easier than you think.

Choose accommodations with exercise in mind

A good workout after your business meeting won’t just help you work up a sweat. Exercise reduces stress levels meaning you can let go of the day faster and feel mentally and physically fresh for whatever comes next. Before you board, make sure to book accommodations with a 24-hour fitness center. Just 30 minutes on the treadmill boosts serotonin, a feel good chemical. Some hotels also offer maps for runners and will greet you with a towel and bottle of water when you return from your workout. For example, Westin offers the RunWestin program. Ask your hotel for information before you travel.

Pack your gear

Given the ever increasing bag fees you may be reluctant to pack your sneakers and workout gear. When you consider the benefits of exercise the real question may be, can you afford not to pack them? Workout gear is pretty light so go ahead and include it in your bag. You will be glad you did.

Use Technology

Even if your hotel doesn’t have a running map or fitness center you can still stick to your fitness routine. Use your Smartphone, tablet, laptop or hotel television to find a workout routine for your fitness level and time available.

Plan ahead

Plan for your exercise just as you plan meetings and meals – in other words write it on your schedule. It is harder to break this important date with yourself after ink or type brings it to life. If you are feeling really ambitious you may be able to sign up for a race in the city of your destination or meet-up with a Meet-Up group for the activity of your choice.

Exercise is always important, but it is especially important for business travelers. Why?

It provides a healthy way to maintain your inner equilibrium when you are in an unfamiliar or stressful setting.

  • It boosts confidence by helping you look and feel your best.
  • It can be a good tool for connecting with potential business partners – think golf, tennis or running.
  • It can be a great way to get an up close view of a new city.
  • It will get your creative juices flowing.

The next time you travel be sure your plans include a few good workouts. Exercise is one of the best things you can do to be your best, no matter where the road takes you.