Will you succumb to being one of the 30 percent of exercisers that skip their workouts all winter long? Your winter workouts don’t have to go into hiding. After all, are you committed to exercising come rain or shine, or committed to hiding out? Leave hibernating all winter for the bears – you have more important matters to take care of, like blasting fat, revving up your metabolism and most of all, feeling like a million bucks that only a good workout can give you.

Whether you live in a moderately cold climate, or one that dishes out the rain, sleet and snow all winter long, work with the cold weather instead of using it as an excuse to stay in and sit on the couch. When it comes to the winter climate, there are many creative solutions to exercising, and most of all, an opportunity to spice up your workouts with the end result being this: a hot body on even the coldest days of the year.

Kick Start Your Winter With Some Kicks!

A cardio kickboxing class can burn up to 700 calories in an hour while a fitness kickboxing class can burn as much as 1,000 calories in a 60 minute session. How many calories have you burned today? Whether you’ve tried kicking your way to that dream body of yours or not, kickboxing is one of the best workouts you can do. Not only will you burn those calories you consumed at lunch, but you’ll help your metabolism rev all day long. Use muscle groups you’ve never used before, and feel empowered every step (kick and punch) of the way.



Seize the Day, and the Powder

If you live near a snowy town or city, consider yourself lucky. Why stay inside when you can sled, ski or snowboard your way to a firm butt, thighs and core? One of the best things about winter is wintertime sports, and why not seize this once-a-year opportunity to get out of the gym, and into the fresh packed powder that awaits you on the exhilarating slopes? If you’re looking for a new activity that you’ve never tried, rent some ice skates and spin and slide your way along the rink. Beware – no winter sport is as easy as it looks. Fall down a few times, and relish the opportunity to use those muscles you don’t normally get to use.

Wintertime is full of holiday get-togethers, family and friends; and with some creativity, the ability to engage in sports and exercise you don’t usually. Seize the opportunity of winter (and the cold it brings) by staying engaged with a new and unfamiliar exercise routine – keeping you entertained, fit and engaged until Spring comes rolling around.