Group of people walkingAre you tired of your team of employees griping about being overworked at the end of every quarter, or calling in sick just when you need them most? Your scowl isn’t the solution—an employee wellness plan is! Here’s why physical health makes a difference on your employees’ mental health—and just how you can motivate your team to health and on-the-job happiness!

Why Healthy Employees Matter

Here’s the thing—no work environment is perfect for an employee all of the time. But, a work environment that nurtures their physical and emotional wellbeing will improve their productivity, overall mood and satisfaction on the job—which directly benefits you! In fact, recent studies show that there are just as many benefits to employers, as there are to employees who exercise regularly. Here are just a few:

  • Employees show increased productivity and higher work morale;
  • Less frequent occasions of calling in ‘sick’;
  • Increased retention of long term employees;
  • Reduced healthcare costs.

According to a 2002 study by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, worksites that had a wellness plan on site (a fitness room available for lunchtime work outs, healthy snack options, etc.) showed a reduction of short term sick leave by as much as 32 percent.  Why should your employees care about working out? Here are just a few of the reasons to motivate them to act:

  • Improved confidence and self-esteem (which makes them instantly feel better about the work they’re doing for you!);
  • Increase in energy (no more afternoon lattes to finish up the work day!);
  • Less stress on and off the job.

Do you have a team of unmotivated employees that need to be persuaded to hit the track, and burn calories off from last Friday’s company anniversary party? Here are some easy ways to bring in the work outs—without making them feel like they’re feeling the burn.

Offer Some Flex Time for ‘Workout Time’

Employees are more likely to work out when they feel like they have the time to work out. Give them a designated amount of ‘flex time’ each month to work on their fitness, and they’ll be motivated to hit the treadmill, or pump some iron. Giving them the flexibility to come in early or stay late is the perfect way for them to exercise while giving them some freedom to adjust their schedule.

Start a ‘Lunchtime Lunges’ Buddy System

If you don’t have a fitness room onsite for your employees, then encourage a ‘lunchtime lunges’ activity everyone can work into their busy day! Sitting at their desks all day can quickly create a sedentary lifestyle for your employees—so get them moving during their lunch hour, and see their morale, mood and energy level improve, instantly!

There’s no better way to improve your employees health (which means higher productivity on the job, for you!) than with a positive, and supportive working environment. Show them you care, and they’ll give it back to you with stronger numbers, larger accounts and higher profits.