Eating better doesn’t have to feel like a chore. These easy swaps are even tastier than the originals, but with more nutrients and fewer calories.

Mashed cauliflower
Mashed potatoes are so last year. Puree cauliflower instead. With 77 percent of your recommended daily allowance of calcium, plus protein, pantothenic acid, manganese, vitamin K and more, this potato stand in is a standout.

Swap sour cream for Greek yogurt
Same great creamy taste with the extra benefit of a protein boost. Greek yogurt has less fat, too!

Try air-popped corn instead of chips
Satisfy your crave to crunch with air-popped corn. When you ditch the chips, you lose the fat and calories it comes with. Popcorn is a whole grain snack, another plus for healthy snacking.

Use mustard instead of mayo
Take your sandwiches and salads up a notch with mustard. You get tangy creaminess without all the fat, which means great taste within your daily calorie budget.

Eat spinach instead of iceberg lettuce
Sure, iceberg lettuce can have a place at the table. But when you are ready to ramp up your nutritional profile, trade it for spinach. Spinach has calcium, iron, vitamin A and K, plus fiber. And its versatile enough to eat at every meal. Use spinach in soups, salads, eggs, stuffed in chicken or fish and on sandwiches.

Make veggie fries
Move over French fry, there are some new crispy hot treats in town. Slice zucchini, sweet potatoes and jicama for a new way to enjoy stick foods.

Broccoli tots for tater tots
Easy to make (you can even buy them now) and good for you, too. Broccoli tots are a great way to get even the most veggie averse to eat more things green.

Swap roasted chickpeas or crispy kale for your favorite junk food snack
All you need is your oven, a little olive oil, sea salt and your favorite seasonings to make up a tasty snack that will leave you feeling virtuous, instead of guilty, when the snacking is all said and done.

Swap veggie noodles for pasta
Spiralizers are magical kitchen tools. They transform veggies into wondrous ribbons you can enjoy in place of pasta or in salads. Use your spiralizer to change your zucchini into zoodles for a new twist on spaghetti night. Transform carrots into bright orange ribbons that wake up your salad or add a nice crunch to your sandwich. No tools needed with spaghetti squash – simply scrape the flesh out for golden veggie goodness.

Don’t let the prospect of healthy eating scare you into sticking with your old habits. Be creative. Use these tips for healthy swaps and make up a few of your own.