There is a long list of DON’Ts at the gym. It is a compilation of unwritten rules forged by the pioneers of exercise. Well, either them or the countless number of loyal gym-rats who have fallen victim to the gym taboos over the years.

Monochrome TorsoThe Internet is well stocked with videos and blog posts of gym etiquette. You can see or read about “The guy who fills up his 164 ounce water bottle at the gym water fountain right in front of you” or the “Old guys who walk around naked in the locker room for way too long”. Some are funnier than others or truer than others, but one gym “don’t” they almost all talk about is: “Don’t be that guy that flexes at the gym.”

We get it. You’re super-buff. If you were a superhero, you’d be The Hulk. You make Arnold look like Popeye before spinach. You’re nickname is “Mr. Atlas”. If you’re flexing at the gym, you’re either buff or you think you’re buff. You might be Popeye before spinach and think that you’re new-found ability to curl the twenty-pounders put you at flex-in-the-mirror status. You’re wrong.

If you’re reading this now and thinking, “Oh man, I was checking my six-pack after every set”, this is an intervention. It’s time to visit Flexors Anonymous and get some help.

Listen, nobody’s dogging you for being proud of your body. Working out is hard work, and you look and feel your best after you work hard. But the gym is the place to work out, hang with friends, enjoy some sports, get your sweat on, and meet new people. If you want to flex in the mirror and look at yourself, become a fitness model or take a selfie (it’ll last longer!).

F19_Yucaipa_08If you’re rocking some cool gym attire, everyone can already see how strong (or weak) you already are. You don’t have to flaunt it. If you own it, be confident and let the muscles speak for themselves. Leave something to the imagination. Wouldn’t it be better to go to the pool with some friends and have them say, “Man! You got buff!”, instead of them saying, “Oh yea. I’ve seen all those muscles at the gym – when he was flexing in the mirror checking himself out.”? You already know the answer.

Don’t be that guy that flexes at the gym. Don’t be that guy who does 9 out of 10 gym DON’Ts. Think about what you’re there to accomplish – and accomplish it! You can flex and be proud of your body at home.

Most importantly, have fun at the gym! Work hard. Play hard.