Your pre-workout drink could make a big impact on your overall performance. A stimulant boost or an extra serving of protein before you hit the treadmills or lift those dumbbells could give you the energetic jolt you need to bulk up faster, challenge yourself further than ever before, or simply have increased stamina. Here’s the 411 to drinking up.

Man holding and drinking the post workout chocolate whey proteinDecoding the Facts

Just like anything else you put into your body, there’s the right way to fuel up before a workout, and a wrong way. Pre-workout drinks or supplements can offer amazing benefits (and help you to optimize—not jeopardize—your workout!) If you fall in any of the following categories, you may want to consider drinking up before you hit the weight room:

·         You’re competing in a marathon or you’re a professional (or even an amateur) athlete;

·         You’re stepping up your game in the weight room or with your cardio and need an extra boost to last;

·         You’ve recently gone from one to two workouts a day;

·         You want to gain more muscle or achieve a lean body.

Pre-workout drinks are a solid, highly beneficial tool when it comes to enhancing your workout, and improving your overall muscle building results (and giving it the support it needs to repair and rebuild).

Young womanWhat It Does, How You’ll Benefit

The goal of a pre-workout drink is to supply your muscles with enough glucose (sugar), which is what your muscles need to thrive, and to perform as best as possible under strain, pressure and fatigue. It will also help with muscle fatigue, and give you a boost in overall energy so that each workout becomes a memorable one. Additionally, pre-workout drinks, which include a variety of stimulants, will help you to burn fat and increase your overall stamina.

If you’re a competitor wanting to increase your muscle mass (you’re preparing to get bulging biceps that look great in a t-shirt, for example), or you’re not an athlete but you’re undergoing a few weeks of a grueling work out program to turbo charge towards your fitness goals, pre-workout drinks such as ones that contain milk proteins and isolated amino acids are perfect for that.

If you are serious about getting a lean body shape (like a runner or ballerina has) then you’ll want to focus on a pre-workout drink that includes fat burner ingredients, such as synephrine (its similar to what you’ll feel after having a strong cup of coffee, but without the jitters.)

As with any new routine you add to your workout or diet, be mindful of the quality and the quantity you consume. Follow the instructions, and consult with your doctor before giving a pre-workout drink a go. Once you do, you’ll notice a whole new type of workout, thanks to your newfound pre-workout ritual!