With people spending more time indoors, a natural question is arising. Indoor exercise equipment provides many benefits, but deciding on the right stuff to purchase is a challenge.

People on a budget will be happy to learn that equipment exists for under $200 that will help them remain fit. As time allows and your budget increases, you may decide to get all of these at some point. The great news is, you will still have plenty of money left over for other things.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands help strengthen your body and are easy to learn and use. An inexpensive set will put anyone on the road to better health. These items help build isometric strength and can improve anyone’s core significantly. They also are safe to use, and few people report any trouble with injuries, making them an excellent choice for older exercisers.


Weights are a traditional tool for building increased muscle mass and more endurance. They can become expensive when you build out an entire workout room. However, purchasing a few dumbbells or a small set is almost always affordable. Most weights last for a long time, and there’s an active aftermarket for anyone interested.


Kettlebells are a favorite for people who enjoy diverse workouts that cause them to sweat. With a handle on top, these heavy balls provide ballistic exercise opportunities, making them applicable to a wide range of results.

Jump Ropes

A jump rope is a perfect way to cut fat and to increase skill and balance. It’s not only professional boxers who reap the benefits of jumping rope. They’re inexpensive to purchase, and the workouts are intense. With years of practice, people who jump rope can do a wide variety of tricks, all of which help improve balance and endurance.

Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is another small investment in health that will pay off for people on a health kick. Performing yoga movements on these mats is a traditional way to gain greater strength and flexibility. Yoga is the type of subject that never gets boring. Once you start, you’ll find a world of additional training and experiments to keep you occupied. A yoga mat is the first step toward what may become a lifelong journey.

Medicine Balls

A medicine ball is fun, but it’s also useful for working your muscles and strengthening your core. A small price is another obvious benefit when you’re looking to work out more at home. There’s no shortage of exercise you can do with a medicine ball, and you can even enlist a partner for more complicated motions.

Save Money With Used Fitness Equipment

All of these are also available as used merchandise for frugal shoppers who want to stretch their dollars. When someone gets bored or quits doing an exercise, they will often sell the equipment for a reduced price.

For someone who’s just starting and who doesn’t want to overspend, cheaper equipment allows for a low entry barrier.