There’s no doubt about it—where there’s a will, to lose weight, there’s a way. And, if you’re in the mood to seriously drop some weight while having a blast, dancing is the way (in a seriously fun way!) The best part of all is, you’ll focus on feeling the groove so much that you won’t even realize when you’re lunging, squatting or dipping. Yep—it’s that good of a workout, and that awesome.

Jump girlDo the Hustle

At virtually any chain gym, you’ll find a variation of the newest, hottest dance craze—the hustle. The hustle is a fusion class of hip hop, street funk and a combination of dance moves you’d find if you observed some dancers at a club getting their groove on.  The beats are fast, which means that during this 50 minute class, you’ll find yourself sweating more than you have in years. It’s a great class to add to your weekly workout, especially if you’re grown tired of the treadmill or swimming laps. Seriously ready to get your groove on? Then do the hustle.

Zumba (for a Major Calorie Burn)

If you haven’t heard of Zumba by now, let us catch you up to speed—it’s a fun, adrenaline fueled cardio class that incorporates a combination of Latin moves along with a killer lower body workout. Have you ever wanted to shake your hips like Shakira, or feel like a salsa dancer with moves that won’t quit? The best part of all is, if you really push yourself in a Zumba class, you can burn as much as 1,000 calories—which having a killer time doing it. In addition to Zumba being a great calorie blaster, it’s also a fun way to strengthen your core and get a lower body to die for.

group of smiling people dancing in gym or studioAnimal Flow

Now, the animal flow class might require you to visit a different kind of studio—one that specializes in unique dance cardio and body conditioning classes, but we’re convinced that this class is worth all the attention it’s getting. In essence, it a dance expression class, combined with break dancing, acrobatics and body conditioning moves…. when put together, makes you feel unleash your inner lion/lioness! A serious all over workout, the Animal Flow class is worth every minute that you spend getting into serious shape.

If you’re trying to lose weight, why not make fitness fun again? These classes will definitely do the trick. But don’t be shy—if your gym doesn’t offer these, check out a class they do offer, and dance your way to weight loss success.