Muscular Man CalvesCalf muscles are unique—in fact, they are so unique that you might be able to identify someone by their calf muscles, alone! Are yours short and stocky? Long and lean? Muscular or limp? When it comes to a sexy lower body, strong (not skinny) is in, and that goes double for your calves. Here’s how to target your calf muscles and strengthen them at the gym, in your living room or at the office!


The Classic

Otherwise known as the classic calf exercise, the double leg calf raise is one of the best every other day workout to increase your calf strength, and tone them up like a pro. You don’t need any fancy equipment—simply a wall to stand against and the resistance of your own body weight is enough. Stand against a wall for support (press your palms against it for balance) and stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

Slowly raise up on the balls of your feet, hold it for a few seconds and lower yourself back down. Repeat 20 times, or more if you can. To add more intensity, stand on a stair (instead of flat ground). As you lower yourself back down, go as low as you can and give yourself a greater challenge to your calf muscles with each dip you do.

The Leg Press

Close up of male weightlifter doing leg presses in gymThe leg press isn’t just for your quads. It’s actually a great machine to use for toning your calves! Three times a week, aim to do three different sets, with about 20-25 reps each. For the first set, point your toes outwards. For the second set, point your toes front and center, and for the third set, point your toes inwards.

Take an Aquatic Cardio Class

Swimming is one of the best exercises to raise your heart rate, speed up your metabolism and even strengthen your calves. And, if you’re looking for a break from the weight room, the pool is the perfect opportunity to tone your lower body. Spend fifteen minutes with your favorite stroke, or hold onto the side of the pool and do one leg calf raises. The resistance of the water will give your calves an extra challenge—but with a low impact, so that you minimize your risk of injury.

A great person (should as yourself) deserves great looking calves! It doesn’t take much to tone, tighten and transform this area of your body. Simply commit to a few reps, three times a week in which you target your calf muscles, and in no time at all, you’ll notice a big difference!