Push-ups together are more funWorking out with your spouse or partner can be a great way to foster closeness and get in a little friendly competition. Going this route may help you avoid the pounds couples often pack on when a few too many dinners out and T.V. nights in on the couch add up. Keep each other motivated and have fun without being a nuisance to others. Here are some tips for not being the couple everyone hates to see coming.

Leave arguments at home

The gym is never the place for shouting matches. If you can’t leave your disagreement at the door, skip the joint workout until the problem has been resolved. No one wants to come to the gym for a live version of the Jerry Springer show.

Public displays of affection not required

Getting hot and heavy at the gym should refer to your workout only. Work up a sweat on your routine, not your sweetie. If you think your significant other looks sexy while lifting or getting in some squats – that’s great. Savor the feeling and wait until you are in a more appropriate setting to act on it.


Just because you are working out together does not mean you have to be joined at the hip. Avoid monopolizing equipment. It is okay to work different circuits and machines.

Recognize that your goals may be different

Each of you has to decide on your own motivation and desired outcomes for working out. You don’t have to be in charge of or direct each other’s routine. Working out for your own individual goals may mean that you have different interests and activities while at the gym. That is okay and even healthy.

Stay focusedelliptical walker trainer man and woman at black gym

While it is perfectly okay to exchange a few words while you work out, remember why you are there – to workout, not socialize. Keep extended conversations to a minimum and be aware of how your behavior is impacting others. You can feel connected as a couple without disrupting others.

Have your own style – You really don’t have to wear matching outfits. Enough said.

Discuss anything that comes up

Feeling insecure that your partner gazed a little too long at another gym goer? Worried that working out together means lost “me” time that you used to look forward to? Bring it up for discussion. The last thing you want is for your couple’s workout to become a source of stress or contention. Working out together can be a great way to boost fitness and help you feel closer. Communicate regularly about how that is working for you and make adjustments as needed.