Are you in the habit of counting calories with every meal? If you’ve put yourself on a calorie budget, but it seems too restrictive (and you’re not seeing the results you want), counting macros may be the way to go. This article will address the benefits of each, and help you to assess which one is right for you!
Counting Calories
One of the biggest benefits to counting calories is simply becoming aware of what—and how much—you’re eating. (How many times have you supersized your meal for lunch without realizing you’ve just exceeded your calories for the DAY?) When you become aware of how much you’re consuming, you can adjust it (and lower it) to lose weight, simply because the amount of calories you consume needs to be lower than the calories you burn. Counting calories is often the easiest method for people to lose weight.
tomato-1207553_640Counting Macros
If you’ve never heard the term counting macros before, it may be just what your body is missing to successfully lose inches, tone up and boost your energy level. Counting macros refers to tracking the fats, carbs and sugar grams you consume in a day. If you struggle with ‘depriving’ yourself from a list of strict foods and every time you count calories you feel discouraged, don’t despair.
Counting macros may be a healthier and more balanced way for your body to feel satisfied. Macro counting may be the right fit for you if you never really feel full (counting calories may keep you in check with the quantity you should eat to lose weight, but it may not provide you with another fiber and protein rich foods that fill you up!) Another reason macro counting is beneficial is if your stubborn weight isn’t going anywhere—even if you eat a sensible diet throughout your day.
Is your skin dry? Are your thighs the same size they were six months ago even though you’re sticking to a strict 1400 calorie diet? It could be that you’re not getting enough healthy fats and iron rich vegetables, which macro counting can provide you.
Which One is Best For You?
Counting calories and counting macros both offer benefits for weight loss and overall health. However, it depends on your lifestyle and how much effort you’re willing to put into ‘counting’ that will determine your success. If you can feel satisfied and like the freedom with a variety of foods solely based on calories, try calorie counting.
If you are willing to buy a food scale to accurately measure your food, counting macros may be the right choice. No matter which one you choose, you can succeed—and finally, lose the weight for good!