Training for a competition? One size (or training method) does NOT fit all. It is essential that if you’re building your physique, that you seriously take body composition into consideration… especially when it comes to preparing for a contest. Body proportion influences symmetry, and it also dictates a training style. Here’s how to knock it out of the park.


Focus on Strength, Not Measurements


Whether you’ve made the decision to compete in a fitness competition for the first time or the 25th, you need to know one thing that should be at the forefront of your mind: keep the focus on your progress – not the comparison of you vs.them AT ALL TIMES. Secondly, the more time you must prep for the competition, the more progress you can make. There is a secret to the science of ‘getting cut,’ so be sure to have a doctor on hand or specialist that you can go to for both questions and check-ins. Thirdly, support your intense training with a proper diet and supplements.  


Comparison Kills the Competition


The biggest rookie mistake when training for a competition is comparison. Especially as a first timer, it’s important to remember that experienced body builders are typically ‘genetically gifted’. Meaning? Their body is used to a stout, intense workout, and has been for years. If you’re just starting out, you won’t achieve this – and you shouldn’t try.


The name of the game is pushing your body to become better than it was, getting lean and cut under pressure and pushing yourself to the extreme limits. A best practice training may mean a lower and upper body split training, so you can hit each muscle group more often, such as two to three times a week.


With the gym as your new best friend and motivation as your secret weapon, you’ve got this! Consistent training and the right mindset will produce dramatic results.