Fit girl training abs by raising legs on a horisontal bar. Fitness woman workout doing exercises outdoor winter park.Winter wouldn’t exist without cold weather. But, the cold, gloomy weather can often cause you to feel housebound, restless and even blue.  There’s no better way to fight the winter blues than with a winter workout. Fight the sadness, boredom and dreary depression that the winter weather may bring on with consistent, fun, adrenaline pumping exercise. The following workout plans and tips will have you desperate to get active all season long.

Why Winter Workouts Are the Best

If baby, it’s cold outside, the last thing you may feel like doing is bundling up and heading outdoors. But, if you’re prone to Seasonal Affective Disorder (which is the onset of depression due to the change of seasons, and most typically, from fall to winter), moderate to high intensity exercise, which can release endorphins, is the single best thing you can do to fight it. Winter workouts give you the chance to work out those muscles, and challenge yourself athletically, than you wouldn’t be able do during the other reasons.

Snowboarding, skiing,  sledding, and even walking in snow will allow you to challenge your body in a whole new way. In addition, exercise has the ability to raise your body temperature (which produces a soothing, calming effect), improve energy, reduce anxiety and offer you a distraction from the winter blues, altogether.

An Indoor Winter WorkoutWoman running

When you just can’t bear to face the dreary rain or near freezing temperatures, working out in your living room is the next best, and easiest, way to stay in shape. Combine kettlebells with sumo squats for this one, and you’ll release those endorphins, and feel like a million bucks (no matter how dreary the winter weather becomes):

  • Start with the sumo pose. The sumo pose won’t require you to have any wrestling experience—all you need is a kettlebell and a few feet of open space. Take your kettlebell and place it between your feet (feet should be hip distance apart). Bend your knees slightly and lift the kettlebell with both hands, up towards your shoulders. Tighten your core the whole time, and lift with your hips.
  • Lie down for a dumbbell chest press. Lie down (with your back flat and your knees bent) on a bench, and with 5-10 pound weights in each hand (with your palms up and your arms directly over your shoulders), lower the weight down to your chest. Roll your shoulders back and tighten your core as much as you can. Begin to push both weights up, until your arms are extended, but being careful not to lock your elbows. Slowly bring your arms back to their starting positon, and do 15-20 reps.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to indulge in the winter blues. Beat it with a winter workout! Whether you keep your exercise indoors, or challenge your body with a fun cardio class you’ve been dying to try, the opportunity to strengthen, energize and exercise your body and mind has never been easier.