Woman running in winterThese days you may be sweating every time you step outside—but soon, you’ll have a case of “Brrr… it’s cold outside.” Whether you love to run in your local Thanksgiving day marathon or hit the slopes, you need to the right gear in the cold weather to do your best. Here’s some must-have’s to ride out the winter weather in style—and become the healthiest you—no matter how brutal that snow, sleet or rain falls down.

Safety, Comfort and Warmth

You work out on a regular basis, which means that you’re on your way to becoming as fit as a fiddle—if you aren’t already! It also means that you have a higher level of endurance, physical strength and mental energy than most. But when it comes to bitter winter weather (that is just around the corner), everyone needs to prepare in the same way, in order to stay safe from cold temperatures. Are you prepared for your winter workouts?

Whether you’re skiing down the slopes or training for a 10k, be sure to cover your head, feet, toes, chest, arms and legs appropriately with thermal clothing. For a comfortable fit, choose slim fitting clothing (for both legs and arms) in order to help your body regulate temperature, and make sure your covered from head to toe. Keep reading to know which products to buy, and why they’ll make a difference for your wintery workouts!

Slimming, Fitted Long Sleeve Tees

Whether you enjoy a daily walk in winter, a run, or snowboarding down the slopes, be as prepared as a boy scout. Wear a tight fitting, long sleeve shirt to put on underneath your workout t-shirt, and you’ll have added warmth to keep you protected in the chilly weather.

Get Layered, Girl: Tricks for the Jogger in Nature

When it comes to getting your run in, no amount of cold weather will stop you! When the snow and sleet hit your neck of the woods, make sure to layer up a pair or thermo pants.  They are unrestricting, comfortable and offer breathability you need to keep moisture in. In addition, make sure to wear a thermal hoodie over your long sleeve thermal tee to keep the shivers away. If the weather is especially bitter, protect yourself from chilling temperatures with eyewear, fitted gloves and extra thick socks.

You’re hardcore, which means that you won’t let a dip in temperature stop you from outdoor exercise.  Your commitment to fitness is incredible and rare, but just make sure that your one step ahead of that winter weather by dressing appropriately, safely and comfortably.  Whether you’re walking, running, or boarding down the mountain, layering up in warm, thermal layered clothing will allow you to go faster, stronger and by winter’s end, become fitter than ever before!