Cute sporty model drinking coffee in bright fitness studioSometimes nothing tastes better than a strong cup of your favorite pumpkin spiced, or caramel infused cup of coffee. But is it sacrificing the hard work you’ve just put in at the gym? It depends. How much—and what type of drink are you drinking? Learn all about the coffee and tea debate and just how it may affect your toned thighs, metabolism and energy level.

Say Goodbye to the Sugary Drinks

If you’ve been pushing yourself past all past physical limits, and as a result, getting ripped, losing your love handles and altogether feeling amazing (clothed or naked!), then the last thing you’d want to drink is drink away your daily calories, right?

One of the best secrets of toned, fit and thin people is their commitment to keeping their favorite coffee beverages in check. In other words, they don’t splurge daily on their favorite gingerbread latte. They stick to a macchiato (espresso topped with a bit of foam), or keep it simply with a cup of black coffee and cream (if needed). If you don’t watch what you drink, the ‘coffee trap’ will get you—and take you three steps back with all the lunges, cardio and weights you’ve lifted.

Green Tea is a Powerful Antioxidant

Those people who are truly committed to fitness have committed to the lifestyle. They don’t work out only after they’ve gained back a couple of pounds, nor do they cut back on their portions after they’ve become unable to squeeze into their skinny jeans, or favorite button down shirt. When it comes to what they drink, they fuel their body with metabolism boosting, hydrating drinks—and you can’t get much better than green tea. Green tea is such a powerful antioxidant that just one cup of the stuff, and you’ll give your body more antioxidants than a serving of strawberries, carrots, broccoli or spinach can provide you. Swap out one morning cup of joe for a cup of delicious, cancer fighting green tea, and you’ll think, act and feel fitter than ever!

A Little Change Counts for a Lot

coffee with teaNo matter what your fitness or health goals may be—to get lean thighs, run your first 10k or fit into your favorite pair of pants comfortably—your morning drink matters. Here are some easy ways to ease off of your dependency on caffeine, and feel better than ever with tea:

  • Wake up earlier. Set your alarm to wake you up 30-45 minutes earlier than usual. By easing into the morning stress-free, you can enjoy sipping on a cup of hot tea instead of ‘needing’ coffee to wake you up.
  • Find your favorite. Become a tea connoisseur! Exploring an experimenting with different teas isn’t just enjoyable—it could turn into your newest passion. From pomegranate green, to lavender or acai, your choices are endless.

When it comes to staying fit, you CAN have your coffee, and drink it too…just become mindful of how much you consume on a weekly basis. Even the purest cup of coffee can become too much of a good thing, so keep your daily intake no more than 2 cups a day—and incorporate a cup of tea to enhance your fitness and weight loss progress!