Vacation and fitness don’t often go hand in hand; this is usually the time that you let go of the diet rules, step away from the gym, and enjoy relaxing without a worry on your mind. However, fitcations have become popular among fitness fanatics, and are a great way to have a healthy vacation, with plenty of delicious food and relaxation, too.  Keep reading to plan your ultimate fitcation.

Choose Your Adventure 

With fitcations becoming more popular, there are many options for you to explore. So, in order to narrow down your choices, you want to choose based on a variety of factors. These include:

Location: You can still have a tropical vacation; or you can head to the mountains, the city, or an international destination.
Goals: Do you want to lose weight, maintain your weight, tone your body, or just enjoy mellow fitness activities? While many fitcations will combine a number of these into a custom plan, knowing your ultimate goal will help guide the process.

 These two things will not only dictate where you go, but what you’ll do while you’re there. Knowing them will ensure you have the best fitcation possible.

Pack the Right Gear

Your fitcation will involve a variety of activities. Having the right gear is critical to making the most of your time there and ensures you can participate in all the activities. When packing, be sure to bring:

  • A yoga mat for stretching
  • Tracking device for runs or walks
  • A hat if you’ll be fitcationing in a sunny place
  • Workout shoes: running, cycling, etc.
  • Foam roller

Don’t Skimp on Clothes

Even if there is laundry on site, you’re not going to want to spend every night washing your sweaty clothes from a day of working out. Workout clothes are often light, making them easy to pack, so bring a different option for each day of your stay so you can enjoy the relaxation of vacation.

Bring a Friend

If you’re feeling unsure about the fitcation, bring a friend. It’s always easier to try something new with someone you trust by your side. Not only might this get you out the door and to the location, but perhaps you’ll try something you otherwise wouldn’t have.

Plan a Spa Day

After an entire vacation dedicated being active, your body is going to need some attention. Be sure to plan your last day around recovery and rest by making a spa appointment. Not only will this refresh your tired body, but allow you to wind down before stepping onto a plane and landing back in your hectic life.

A fitcation is the perfect way to enjoy time away while staying active and sticking to your healthy lifestyle. With so many spots to choose from, narrow down your choices by determining what it is you want to accomplish at the location of your choice. Don’t let the last bit of summer slip away without doing something for yourself. Book a fitcation and enjoy healthy living at it’s best.