Young confident female boxer wrapper her wrists in the gymConfidence is as confidence does. Whether you want to feel confident performing squat after squat at the gym, or walking down the street in your skinny jeans, it’s about the attitude. But let’s get right to it: how can you possibly project an attitude of self-assurance outside of the gym, if you aren’t confident enough to hit the gym? Here’s some tips to adjust everything from your attitude to your posture—enough so that you’ll be able to ring in the New Year, with a whole new frame of mind (and as a result, a whole new body!)

Others Aren’t Watching You (Even if You’re Convinced Yourself They Are)

We get it—the weight room can be intimating, especially if it’s been years since you’ve stepped foot in one. The good news? No one cares about your workout. That’s not to say they won’t catch a glimpse at you and make eye contact here and there, but they aren’t scanning your posture and stance for mistakes, and they aren’t judging you for not running faster or longer on the treadmill.  Think of the weight room like the ‘focus room’ – everyone is too busy upping their own game to worry about yours.

Look the Part (and Boost Your Confidence, Instantly)

As the saying goes, “fake it until you make it.” If you feel insecure about your body, or have the nasty habit of constantly downplaying and criticizing yourself, change how you feel by changing your appearance. This may sound silly, but conveying the look of someone who is an experienced gym-goer can actually boost your confidence, and motivate you to push yourself harder—all by wearing the right ensemble. Become one of those hard core spin class students or weight lifters simply by looking like one!

Sweaty Athlete with Ball on Her ShoulderHead out to your favorite outdoor sports store and hit the apparel section, hard. Buy clothes that will allow you to do any and all types of exercise comfortably—from yoga to Zumba, to boot camp. Then, step foot in the gym with your chin up. After all, you belong there as much as anyone else does.

Start with Small Milestones of Success (That You Can Reach)

One of the best (and fastest) ways to increase your confidence in the gym (even if it feels like you have zero confidence currently in place) is by giving yourself mini-goals. While your overall goal may be to lose 25 lbs., you need several goals along the way—each week until you reach your overall goal—that will allow you to stay motivated, increase your confidence and improve your game. Start off by making easily reachable goals to begin with. It could be committing to running three miles a day, three times a week in order to improve your endurance, or taking a Zumba class every Saturday (and burn up to 800 calories in just one class!) Make these milestones realistic, and enjoy the benefit of a boosted confidence each time you meet them!