A good butt exercise will help you achieve a sculpted and toned behind. But, a series of several feel-the-burn booty exercises won’t just give you that butt you’ve longed to get back for years now, but sculpted legs, a toned lower back and hips that scream out sex appeal.

Use this guide to not only give you a butt kicking bod, but a backside that will leave others wondering what your secret is. The secret is in several workouts – all laid out for you right here -that aim to tighten and deliver in an out-of-this-world way.

The Classic Booty Boost

Think of your medicine ball as your best friend because when you practice this move daily (in addition to your other strengthening exercises) you’ll quickly begin to not only feel the burn, but feel and see the difference in your glutes!

The goal is to position yourself as though you’re going to do a handstand, but with one leg at a time resting on a medicine ball directly behind you. With your palms firmly placed on the ground (as though you’re set to do a handstand), place both legs straight out on the ball behind you. With one leg at a time, lift it up as though you’re doing a plank.

The leg that’s up in the air should be as straight as can be, with toes pointed, and your glutes tightened as much as possible. Hold for a few seconds, and lower back to the starting position. Then, repeat on the other side, and do as many repetitions as possible. This is the classic booty boost for not only a redefined butt, but it works wonders for your lower back and thighs. It’s a win/win!

Kickin’ It to Firm

For this exercise, you’ll want to get your body down to the ground – all fours, that is. With your knees and the palms of your hand firmly planted on the ground, double check to ensure that your wrists are placed directly below your shoulders.

Check that your knees are directly below your hips as well. Take a deep breath, and move your abs in as you lift your left leg off to the floor (just be sure to keep your leg bent). Hold it for a few seconds, and slowly bring it back to the starting position. Repeat on the other side, and complete with five repetitions on both sides.

Bend, Lift and Tighten!

Place your medicine ball in back of you, and start in a standing position. Start by placing your right foot on top of it, and bending your leg. Lift your arms up above you, so that they are just barely touching your ears, and your left leg is completely straight. Bend throughout your waist, tightening your behind as you go down, and slowly come back up. Repeat on the other side, and incorporate in your workout three times a week.

Now you’ve got the moves to sculpt your behind like it’s nobody’s business. And, when you make this part of your weekly workout, you’ll create a whole new body, which in turn will make you feel like a whole new you.