Society puts a tremendous amount of pressure and expectation on you—and in particular if you’re a woman—to look perfect. Do you feel the need to have the perfect body—and feeling like you’re not quite hitting the mark? It’s not your body that needs a make-over, but your mindset. Here’s some ways to achieve just that.

Focus On Being Healthy, not Being Skinny

Healthy girlDoesn’t it seem that everywhere you look (from magazines to your Facebook newsfeed), there is a new diet or weight loss plan guaranteed to give you those thin arms, toned thighs and flat stomach you’ve been dying for? But the question they should really ask you is, “At what expense are you willing to be thin? How far will you go to be a size 2? What will you really do to lose your muffin top, or love handles?

When you focus on being healthy—not skinny—you get to reward yourself with a healthy body and a strong mind.  Being skinny is fleeting. Your looks change, and your body will change. But focus on living a healthy lifestyle (eating plenty of greens, changing up your exercise routine periodically, train for your first marathon, etc.) and you’ll always feel your best. The best part? When you feel you’re best, you always look your best!

You’re Strong—So Give Your Bod Some Respect!

She really is an awesome personal trainerWas your New Year’s Resolution to eat less take-out and head to the gym more? If so, why?  The reason that many diet plans don’t work is because of the intention behind the diet. Many people just look at the end result—to lose weight, get a booty like J-Lo and toned abs like Kate Hudson. But just focusing on the end result won’t carry you through rep after rep of leg extensions and squat thrusts. So, what will? Your desire to treat your body right (by continually recognizing all it does for you!) through a commitment to fuel your body with nutrient rich food and daily movement.

Give your body some respect, love and TLC. The fact is, it does so much for you, shouldn’t you give back to it? Forget trying to attain the perfect body—strong is the new skinny and the only one you should strive for.