Are you a cardio queen (or king) that loves the classes offered at your gym? Workout classes offer many benefits: they provide accountability, keep you working out for 45-60 minutes at a time, and can help you to change your body. So, why aren’t you noticing much of a change? Here, we take a look at some of the biggest reasons why you aren’t seeing results—and what you can do about it.

You Aren’t Pushing Yourself

Most fitness instructors will agree: If you’re showing up on a consistent basis to your workout classes and you aren’t seeing results after a four-six-week time period, you aren’t pushing yourself during your workout. It’s as simple as that. For example, if you’re taking a high-intensity cardio class like Cycling, you’re the one who increases your resistance—not your instructor. It’s up to you to push yourself to your maximum. If you’re not and cycling at 50% of your potential, then you may not see the results you want. Next time you take your class, ask yourself: am I barely breaking a sweat, or am I panting heavily while pedaling? Push yourself, because ultimately, the progress you make is entirely in your hands.

You Aren’t Paying Attention

If you aren’t toning up or gaining strength (but you consistently go to Pilates or Barre three times a week), it’s time to reflect on your behavior in class. Often times, you can go through the motions of a workout, but if your posture, alignment, and speed of movement isn’t just right, you won’t see results like you want. Pay attention in class, in order to make sure your form when lifting weights is in check, and that your motion through a series of exercises doesn’t move faster than the instructors. Slow and controlled is often the name of the game in getting fit—and you’ll be able to maximize your workouts when you take a minute to listen, and do what you’re told by the instructor.

You’re Rewarding Yourself with Food

It could be that you’re doing everything right in class—it’s what you’re doing outside of class that’s the problem! Are you pushing yourself during class, but rewarding your ‘good effort’ with a hearty, calorie-dense lunch with friends, afterwards? Ease up on the ‘food reward’ pattern, and instead, pack a protein filled snack that you can enjoy right after class is done. That way, you’ll have it ready to go, won’t be tempted to eat out, and you’ll have the protein your body depends on after your workout.

Try our tips for your workout class, and we’ll sure you’ll see a dramatic improvement in just a few weeks!