Morning  exercise and black clockLet’s face it—getting up early enough to exercise before you head to the office or take the kids to school isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it! But, 45 minutes of a morning run or lifting those weights can add up to a seriously good day (even on a Monday!) Here’s just a few of the most important reasons why it pays to workout, bright and early.


It Boosts Your Energy

How often do you have to grab that latte on your way to work (with two extra shots, please!) just to give you enough energy to make it through your morning meetings? According to studies done on the subject, there’s a much healthier and natural way to beat the morning energy lull. Exercise actually releases a happy chemical in your brain known as endorphins. Endorphins are the ‘high’ runners get when they push themselves on the track, or the increased energy a singer gets on stage, singing to thousands. When you exercise, you increase your energy, and not just while you’re working out. When you work out for thirty minutes or longer, studies show that you can actually sustain an energy boost until the afternoon (giving you a great night’s sleep).

You’ll Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals in a Shorter Period of Time

Working out in the morning does several things for your weight loss goals. First, it prevents the work out pitfall of “I’ll work out later today.” How often have you told yourself that you’ll work out after the work day is done—only to get distracted by a friend’s invitation to go to happy hour? How many times have you felt too tired to head to the gym, so you head to the couch instead? Secondly, working out early in the morning keeps your calorie count and overall nutritional eating in check. Why would you grab a fast food breakfast or lunch, when it would just outdo all of your hard work in the weight room? Studies show that those who work out in the morning lose more weight than those who work out later in the day.

Exercise Gives Your Brain a Workout, TooMan running at autumn during sunrise

Your job requires you to not only perform, but to be creatively and intellectually at the top of your game. When you start each morning with some sort of exercise, you increase brain power—really! Studies have shown that exercise can increase mental clarity, focus and even memory for up to ten hours after a workout. A little bit of exercise can amount to a whole lot of productivity on the job!

Whether you work out for thirty minutes or an hour and thirty, your early morning workout will pay off—and allow you to burn calories, scorch fat, and improve your brain power all day long!