Morning  exercise and black clockWhen it comes to achieving your fitness and/or weight loss goals, timing just may be everything. Have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult for you to get to the gym once your day gets going, or why you can’t seem to stay on track with a healthy diet? Starting your day off with a workout may be one of the best ways to lose weight, stick to your diet plan, and keep your energy running high all day long.

Less Excuses Will Get in the Way

If you ever wonder why on Earth anyone would intentionally wake up before they absolutely have to (especially to run a few miles or take an intense spin class!) then you may be missing the big picture. If you have fitness goals, work out first thing in the morning—so you eliminate any excuses to get in your way. The longer you wait to work out (during your lunch break, after work, etc.) the greater risk for procrastination. The less you procrastinate, the quicker you get to achieve that body you’ve been dreaming of.

energyIt’s an All Day Energy Boost

If you struggle with achieving enough energy to get you through dozens of emails, multiple spreadsheets, brainstorming sessions, errands that need to be run and a family to feed—all before you can get some much needed rest in—a morning workout may be the energy boost you’ve been in desperation of. To get a jolt of extra energy in the morning, it won’t take much, either. All you need to do is a few rounds of push-ups, lunges, a brisk walk or even some wall sits.

It Revs Your Metabolism

Do you want to add some variation to your morning routine and make your metabolism better? An early morning routine just may be the perfect opportunity to do that. Studies show that just one session of weight training won’t just lower your stress level. It’ll raise your average metabolic rate.

It’ll Keep You on Track With Your Diet

If this isn’t the greatest benefit of an early morning workout, we don’t know what is. Working out before your day gets really going will help you stay on track with your healthy, portion-appropriate diet. It’s the best way to steer clear from a big mac with fries for lunch, or cave in to your 3pm cookie craving. You worked out and pushed yourself before most people got out of bed—why flush all of that down the toilet for an impulse buy at the vending machine?