Pipette and bottle of essential oilEssential oils have been around for a long time. With so much attention recently on natural, healthy living it is no surprise that this concentrated form of plant medicine is enjoying resurgence in popularity. Uses for essential oils abound and run the gamut from relaxation to detoxification and anti-inflammatory. There are even some benefits of adding essential oils to your post-workout recovery plan. Here are three to try.


According to the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, peppermint is good for pre and post workout. Benefits include reduced perception of effort, which means it is easier to work harder, an energy boost and improved performance. After exercise peppermint provides relief to tight, aching muscles and boosts mental clarity. Peppermint is also good for any bruises or bites you may have gotten during your workout. Inhale or use topically depending on your needs.


A primary benefit of this essential oil is its anti-inflammatory properties. Muscles experience strains and micro tears as you exercise. Eucalyptus provides relief for the strains and reduces inflammation associated with the tears. Massage good quality oil into aching muscles after your next workout. Be sure to use a gentle motion sweeping toward the heart to help with removal of lactic acid buildup.


Lemon Essential OilLemon gives you a boost of energy and combats post work out exhaustion. It is also thought to stimulate your immune system, promote lymphatic draining and fat loss. This essential oil can also help with your after exercise detox. Add a few drops to your water and sip as you would normally. Finally, lemon essential oil is a mood enhancer. Bummed out because you didn’t best your personal record? Lemon oil may help you bounce back faster to a better luck next time attitude.

If you are looking for natural ways to boost performance and speed post workout recovery, essential oils may be the answer. Experiment with one or two at a time to understand their impact on your body, training and recovery. When choosing essential oils look for high quality products for best results; read ingredients and reviews before you buy. Learn what you can about the manufacturer including how the plants are grown and the oil distilled. If you decide to ingest essential oils include them in your training plan so you don’t have any unpleasant gastrointestinal surprises on competition day.