Heart rate monitors might seem like just another gadget in a sea of personal gadgets. They are actually worth a second look. Here’s why to give one a try.

Get real time information
A big reason many of us don’t lose weight is skewed perception. We eat more calories than we think we do. What’s worse is we rarely work out as hard or burn as many calories as we think we do. All that adds up to a scale that stays put or, more horrifyingly, inches up. A heart rate monitor eliminates the guesswork by giving you real time feedback about how you are actually doing. Are you really exercising in your target zone? Only your heart rate monitor knows.

Chart your progress

It is wonderful to watch your fitness level improve. Heart rate monitors help you chart your progress over time so you can see how you’ve grown and set targets for continued improvement. Seeing the numbers in black and white can be powerfully motivating.
heart rate monitor
Go harder

Many of today’s monitor keep track of your heart rate and much more. They function much like personal coaches and cheerleaders, too. Heart rate monitors encourage you to work harder so you build your fitness level faster.

…But don’t overdo it

There are some among us that work outside of their target heart rate or just push too hard. A heart rate monitor can give you a zone to shoot for so you know just how hard you should be working. Get a challenging workout without overdoing it.

Monitor your recovery
Your heart rate should begin to slow after your workout. Is yours slowing at a rate appropriate for your age and gender? A heart rate monitor can help you check and report any troubling patterns to your healthcare provider.

Show your commitment
Sometimes, making an investment in a piece of fitness equipment is just the right motivation to stay in the game. After all, you don’t want to spend hard earned money on something you don’t use. If showing off your fancy gadget gets you to the gym or the trail, so be it.

A heart rate monitor is a valuable tool for charting your progress. It is also great for monitoring workout intensity as determined by your target heart rate zone. These handy little gadgets make it hard to trick yourself into believing you are working harder than you really are. That means you get accountability you can count on, one heart beat at a time.