There is a great need out there for fitness bloggers. A recent body transformation could be just enough to gain a following for a key audience. 


If you’ve had a body transformation and want to help others do the same, blogging may be for you. To get started you’ll want to determine who your audience is, how you will reach them and how much time to can commit to developing content and building your readership.


Finding your audience

Maybe you’re a mom who has lost weight after the birth of your baby. Or you might be someone who has conquered menopausal weight gain, or a really thin person who has built up some bulk. Even if you don’t decide to narrowly target your audience you do want readers to feel like you are talking to them and that your content is relevant for their lives and concerns.


Read and respond to comments

Comments are a good way to gauge how readers are interacting with your content. Reply so they feel heard and connected to you. 


Share appropriately

Oversharing is a thing now. Be careful that your blog doesn’t become more of a confessional than a guide with information users can follow to create their own transformation.


Post regularly

Once readers find you, keep them coming back with content that is fresh and relevant. Is there a new fitness or diet trend? Write about it and include anything you can share about your personal experience of the newest craze. You might also find people to interview or point readers to books or podcasts to find more information. You’ll also want to include some evergreen content. These are posts that feel fresh even if readers come across them a year after the post date.


Use social media

Sites like Instagram and Twitter can help you find a following and let fans know when you have posted new content. You may also want to follow like-minded people on Twitter and ask that they follow you back, so you gain exposure to a whole new audience. Always post great pictures!


Don’t forget about Google

Google has a wealth of tools to help you get noticed, choose keywords and understand how users find you. Tap into this resource to boost readership. Other engagement tips include giveaways – you can set these up via Amazon, polls and email lists for newsletters and other ways of staying in touch.


If you have an interest in blogging, and you have the time, why not get started? There are so many questions and challenges around healthy weight and lifestyle. There may just be a group of people who need it explained in a way that only you can.