You probably didn’t need another excuse to slack off at the gym, but naked-style leggings are here to provide one for you anyway. Here are some of the head-turning styles that may just have you working up a sweat, even when you’re not working out.


David leggings – You don’t need to head to the museum to get a glimpse of David, one of Michelangelo’s greatest works. Some clever marketer has come up with super distracting, super shocking leggings featuring his same full-frontal nudity.


Naked leggings – At first glance you might think the wearer forgot something in the locker room…like their pants. But no. In another disturbing trend, leggings that make you look naked have made their way onto the gym seen. At least now fellow gym goers have a legitimate reason for tripping on the treadmill.


Mesh leggings – These special pants come with a sleeve or square to cover certain areas while the legs are covered with a torn, mesh material. Perfect when you need a good laugh.


See-thru leggings – The accidental peek provided by these pants caused quite a lot of trouble for Lululemon. Shoppers got less than they paid for and fellow gym goers saw more than they should have.


Photo leggings – If you can picture it, someone is likely to have put it on a pair of leggings. Leggings sporting photos of everything from holstered guns, to four letter words and questionable graphics have found their way onto the fitness scene. If the goal is to make a statement, these are one way to go.


The takeaway here is that we don’t have any control over what others wear to the gym. So, we must be prepared for anything. You go to the gym to workout. Don’t let distractions wipeout your workout. If you are the one causing the distraction – think about the reason for your clothing choice. Maybe there are other ways to get the need (whatever it is) met.