Your life is busy, and it seems to get busier with each day that passes. That means you don’t always have the time or the patience for a daily workout that takes 90 minutes to finish. The good news is, you can still lose weight, still burn fat, and still strengthen your core while embarking on the shorter cardio train—just thirty minutes to be exact. The real question is, is it really legit? Keep reading to find out.
The 2016 Trend IS the 30 Minute Workout
When it comes to effective exercise, there’s only one rule you really need to follow: quality beats quantity every time. The good news is, you don’t have to push yourself lifting, lunging and curling for an hour or longer to lose weight and build muscle.
All you really have to do is make a shorter workout count. The truth is, your body isn’t built to go strong for more than thirty to forty-five minutes (which means a short and to the point workout is perfect.) You just have to remember the most important thing of all: in order to make your workouts count, you’ll got to make each minute of the thirty count.

Side view of class stretching on mats at yoga class in fitness studio

Not All Classes Are Created Equal
Want to lose weight in record time? Then take it to the class—just make sure that you know what type of class you’ll lose weight in. Ask yourself: would it make more sense to take a yoga class or a spin class? Anything that is moving at a high speed with high intensity are the classes you want to aim for. SoulCycle has been a powerful brand for several years now, although you can find the trending class, Flywheel, to pack an even greater punch.
Don’t worry if you can’t find that class at your gym though—any cycling class will work, and if you push yourself (by steadily increasing the resistance on your bike), you’ll reach about 1,000 calories that you’ve burned. Some other high intensity classes that you can work a sweat doing are dance fusion classes like Zumba, Pound, and FuseDance (or anything else at your gym that will incorporate an all over body workout to fast paced music.)
Here’s a tip: head to the front of the class instead of hiding out in the back. By being front and center, you’ll put some pressure on yourself to step up your game!