photodune-4330136-apple--xsYour mom told you some funny sounding idioms growing up, didn’t she? “You’ll go blind if you look directly at the sun!” “If you want that pimple to go away, just pop it!” and the most common one of all, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” 

The truth is, you’ll never go blind from looking at the sun, and you won’t get rid of a pimple any faster if you pop it than if you leave it alone. But—eat an apple a day, and you just might be able to keep that doctor away and from telling you that you need to eat smarter and live a healthier lifestyle. In fact, if this year’s resolution is to be fitter than ever, than an apple a day may be your head start to a happy and healthy year. Read on to discover the top three reasons why this ‘myth’ is in actuality, the truth.

It Prevents Heart Disease

Apples are awesome—no matter how you look at it. And when it comes to protective health (your body’s abilities to fight off cancers, obesity, heart disease and genetic disorders) consuming one apple a day might just be your winning ticket to a long and healthy life. Studies show that when you eat an apple a day (which are rich in antioxidant properties called flavonoids), you minimize your risk of both cardiovascular and coronary heart disease.

It Boosts Your Cancer Fighting Power

There’s no better feeling that taking your health in your own hands. Why not do something about minimizing your cancer risk before the deadly “C” strikes? Apples contain cancer prevention components (when you eat the skin as well as the meat of the fruit.) Incorporate an apple and leafy greens each day into your diet (kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach) and you’ll become a cancer fighting machine—exponentially strengthening your body’s defense against breast, colon and prostate cancer.

It Gives Your Total Body a Powerful Boost

If you’ve ever noticed how good your body feels after eating an apple, know it’s not your imagination. When you eat an apple, it’s released slowly into your bloodstream (as opposed to a bowl of pasta, which is released quickly and then causes an energy crash shortly after.) As a result, your brain (and metabolism) functions at its best from a well-balanced glycemic level—allowing you to think faster, play harder and work smarter!

Get into the habit of packing an apple for lunch, and you’ll digest iron, zinc, magnesium; vitamins A, B, C, E and K—not to mention over 4 grams of dietary fiber to fill you up and prevent overeating.  For your waistline, this is a good thing, and keeps your moving towards your weight loss goals like a champ. Pick out your favorite type of apple and stock up. No matter whether you pick green or red, the results will be the same—a fit, healthy and strong body that feels better than it ever has!