You sweat like it’s no one’s business, and with good reason – you have calories to burn, fat to eliminate and major fitness goals to reach. So if you’re one of the many others out there willing to go the extra mile in order to fit into your skinny jeans or look great shirtless, here are three effective ways to lose inches and gain a lot of confidence..simply by tweaking your cardio!

Up Your Cardio By Doing Something Fun

One of the hardest things about losing weight is making it through a boring, repetitive cardio workout, day after day. So don’t do it. If you want to reach your weight loss goals and increase your endurance, find a fun cardio workout so you can last longer without giving out.

For example, if you’re burnt out by the whole treadmill workout, and want to up your thirty minute running sessions to a whole hour of calorie burning, take a group class. Try kickboxing, Zumba, spin or step aerobics, and double the time you work out, with ten times the amount of fun.

Bring Along a Distraction!

Riding a stationary bike or stepping up on the elliptical day after day can be a little bit boring. So, go for a distraction instead, and watch the time pass by quickly.  Bring along your favorite magazine, or your best friend – then once you reach your targeted time, challenge yourself to go for another 15 minutes. With a distraction, you can improve your cardio results quickly, easily, and successfully!

Switch Up the Intensity

Make your cardio count is all about switching up the intensity. Start with a walk, then work your way to a climb (hit the incline button on your treadmill), then level it out with a sprint, and then when you can’t breathe comfortably, go back to a walk. Focus on switching up the intensity and speed, and together that’s an action packed result you can weigh in on!

Right Posture Equals More Calories Burned!

What does your posture say about you? If you’re slouching, it could mean that you’re not maximizing your workouts. Stand straight and upright during your cardio training, and you can increase the number of calories burned. If you are walking at an incline, for example, and you’re leaning forward, you’re actually preventing some muscles from being used…which, when it comes to your weight loss, can stop you from reaching your ideal body.

Every Muscle Counts

Your muscles count, each and every one of them.  Are you used to using the elliptical, but while leaning over and using your arms to support you? When you use any cardio machine that you depend on to support you through your fatigue, you’re not maximizing your workout.

Instead, pick a cardio machine that won’t give you the opportunity to lean, sit or slouch your way through a thirty minute workout. Focus on using every muscle in your body to gain maximum results, from tightening your core to flexing your biceps. Get creative with your cardio workout so that you’ll notice physical changes within weeks of your new, hard core workout plan.

When it comes to cardio, the more effort you put in, the more results you get out of it.  Focus on feeling the burn today with interval training, unsupported cardio machines and pushing through a longer set in a fun workout, and you’ll see the results you dream of attaining!