Are you looking to increase your activity level? Keeping the body active is an excellent opportunity to support your body’s overall health. But for some people, remaining active isn’t always an easy task. 

Whether you have a busy schedule or don’t favor exercise, there are simple activities you can incorporate to increase your activity level and build positive habits for your life. Here are 5 things you can start doing today. 

Walk Whenever Possible

Walking is one of the easiest things you can do to get more active. But with all of life’s conveniences, many people don’t walk as much as they technically should. With that said, be sure to walk whenever possible to increase your activity levels. 

For instance, choose to walk instead of drive if the location is within walking distance. Choose to take stairs instead of elevators and escalators. 

You can also set a walking routine for yourself by walking on the trail or in your neighborhood. Try starting small by walking once a week and then gradually increasing as you see fit.

10-Minute Workouts

Not everyone can exercise for 45 minutes, 4x a day with ease. The good news is that you don’t have to. But, if you want to get more active, incorporating an exercise regimen is an excellent idea. 

If you’re no friend to exercise, consider reducing your workouts to 10-minutes to get moving. A 10-minute workout will get your heart pumping and get your body acclimated to getting more active on a daily basis. 

Choose Activities That You Enjoy

Sometimes, it’s not that you’re not an active person but that you haven’t found activities you genuinely enjoy. 

Choosing to engage in activities that you don’t like will almost always lead to burnout. For this reason, it’s important to carefully select activities that you personally enjoy so that you can build a positive habit and stick to it. 

For instance, if you love being in nature, consider walking along a trail. If you love water, you might enjoy going for a swim. 

Keep an Activity Diary

Keeping an activity diary is an excellent way to help you get more active. In fact, a diary can help you be more conscious of your activity levels and ultimately helps to hold you accountable. 

By tracking your progress, you can see whether you are becoming more consistent and determine what areas you need to improve. 

Choose Free Activities

You don’t need to pay for a gym membership in order to increase your activity. There are plenty of free activities you can incorporate to easily meet your goals. For instance, you can consider running, cycling, going for a swim, dancing, and gardening. 

Have you been having a hard time increasing your activity levels? No worries. Getting active doesn’t require a ton of work. There are plenty of ways you can build an active routine.