1. Squat Jumps


Stand with your feet at hip’s length apart from each other, and relax your knees. Inhale and clench your abdominal muscles, then stretch forward with your arms. Lower your body gradually into a squat position. As you are lowering your body into this position, rest your body’s weight on the balls of your feet and try to make sure to move your butt backward. 


This is different from just lowering your body toward the floor. Maintain this position for a minimum of three seconds. You should maintain this position for longer times as you get better at squat jumps. Gradually stand up and exhale while doing so. Repeat these squat jumps 10 times per set, and do three sets in total. 


2. Depth Jumps


Depth jumps improve your vertical jumping ability. This exercise puts a decent amount of stress on your knees so do it on a soft surface. First, put a stable platform around four-tenths of a meter to seven-tenths of a meter on the floor firmly, then stand on top of it. 


Slightly jump off of the platform and down to the ground. The moment that you get to the floor, jump as high as you can and lift your hands upwards to get to the maximum height that you can possibly reach. Repeat these depth jumps between five and eight times for each set and complete three sets. You should gradually increase the platform’s height every single week for optimal results. 


3. Swiss Ball Hip Raise and Curl


Lie flat on your back (while on an exercise mat is ideal) and stretch out both of your arms by your side and put your palms down. Put a little bit of pressure on the floor so that you are engaging your upper body. Make sure your legs stay together and put your heels on the Swiss ball. Point your toes straight up. 


Squeeze your glutes, then move your hips upwards. This should put you in a completely straight position. Do the curl by squeezing your glutes and moving your hips in the direction of your upper body. Lower your hips and go back to the straight position. Hold this position for several seconds, then lower your hips a second time so your back is flat on the floor. Keep doing this between 10-15 times, and do three sets. 


4. Box Jumps


Put the box on the ground securely, and start off with a box that is three or four-tenths of a meter high. Take an athletic stance an arms-length from the box and lower your body into a quarter squat, then jump up explosively and gently land on the box. Your leg muscles should absorb the shock, and your knees should be slightly bent when you land on the box. Hop off of the box, take your original stance, then do this exercise 6-8 times. Complete three sets. 


5. Lateral Leg Push-Offs


Stand to the side of a raised platform while resting one leg on the platform. Push yourself upwards using the resting leg and use your other leg to land on the other side of the platform. Push to your heels and land as close to the box’s edge as you can without losing your balance. Repeat this exercise a minimum of eight and a maximum of 10 times. Complete three sets in total.