Joining a gym could be the best thing you do for your overall health and appearance. However, if you don’t ask a few questions first, you could end up in a financial black hole. After finding the gyms that are closest to your home, talk to the salesperson and ask the following five questions. You may not get all the answers you want, but you can compare the plans and choose the best option.

1. Do You Have the Motivation?

This is a question you have to ask yourself. If you are inspired to join a gym but don’t follow through, you may be stuck making monthly payments for nothing. Membership is not enough to get your through the door. Make sure you are in good enough health to do regular exercise in a gym, and then make sure you have the determination it takes to keep it up. 

2. What Are the Financials?

The financials include the monthly cost, whether the gym has insurance, if you have to sign a contract, and if so, what it entails and if there is any fee for canceling the contract early. You could damage your credit report if you don’t maintain the monthly payments and the gym initiates collection against you. 

3. Do You Have Adequate Health Insurance?

Most gyms will make clients sign a personal injury waiver so they don’t have to pay medical costs or other damage costs if you are injured at the gym. You need to be covered in case an accident puts you in the hospital or requires medical attention.

4. Do You Want to Join the Cheapest Gym You Can Find?

As with most things we buy or services we need, cheaper isn’t always the best. It could mean the coverage or service is sub-standard. You can look for testimonials online, or you can ask current members of a gym if it has a good reputation. This means the staff is trained and helpful, and the equipment is clean and up-to-date. 

5. What Can I Expect With a Membership?

There are several questions you can ask to make sure you will have the kind of experience you want. For example, to find out if the gym has enough equipment, ask if you will have to wait a long time for the equipment you need at the time you can come. You can also ask about a group-fitness program for things like aqua aerobics, yoga and cardio. Finally, ask about the trainers and if they are qualified. Some gyms charge extra for the guidance of a personal trainer, so you want to make sure the gym has certified ACE personal trainers. 

The two most important questions to ask before you join a gym are: Will you work out regularly, and can you afford the monthly cost? Also, choose a gym close to home, so you don’t waste time driving across town or getting stuck in traffic.