There’s no shame in admitting it: sometimes, you just don’t feel like working out.  You’re not in the mood to ‘feel the burn,’ shed some calories, and be around those hard core, enthusiastic gym-goers that bench what you dream of benching. That’s ok—no matter what goals you’re striving for, we’ve got four workouts for when you don’t feel like working out.

Lunges That Are Simple Lethal

When you don’t want to work out, we’ve got a bit of gold nugget advice for you: keep the movement simple. Don’t over complicate things. Make the motion what you focus on, not complex steps that cause frustration more than anything else.

Spend the next fifteen minutes doing walking lunges, remembering to focus on your stance so that you can achieve toned, trimmed legs in no time at all. You’ll feel the burn with this super effective workout, while keeping it simple. After all, you’re no amateur—chances are, you know lunges like the back of your hand.

The Bear Crawl

Are you familiar with the bear crawl? It’s; a killer ab workout. If this exercise is brand new to you, here’s how to do it:

·         Get on all fours. Make sure that your back is straight, your palms are level on the ground, and you are adequately in the ‘crawl’ position, by essentially ‘crawling’ by using your toes (with your knees up an inch off of the ground.)

·         Make sure your back is level, just as you would with a plank.

·         Move backwards and forwards, up on your toes, back straight and using your core for mobility and momentum.

Brunette sportswoman working out her arms with a kettlebell

The 200

The goal of this exercise is to do two hundred kettlebell swings. Yeah, it may sound like a lot, but once you get through this exercise a time or two, it’ll seem like no big deal. Bonus: the repetitive movement will be just the kind of simplicity you need when you don’t feel like working out!

·         Start off in a wider-than-normal stance. Make sure that your legs are wider than shoulder width apart. Point your toes so that are slightly facing outwards, and grab the kettlebell with both hands, firmly in place.

·         Keep your back straight, and squat. You’ll want to squat down, making sure that your back doesn’t curve but remain straight. Now, move the kettlebell back in between your legs and past your groin.

·         Squat back up. After the kettlebell has passed through your legs, (keep that back straight and knees bent!), come back up to your starting positon. Repeat until you’ve done 200!

When you don’t feel like working out, it can be hard to take that plunge—but remember, the first step is the hardest! These workout were designed to be simple enough (but still challenging) so that anyone (no matter what their mood or fitness level may be) can accomplish successfully.