Are you looking to get as physically fit, strong and lean as you can, in as less time as possible? Not all exercises—and effort put into those exercises—are created equal. The truth is, some workouts simply pack more of a fat burning punch than others. Keep reading to learn about the ‘big three’ – three simple but challenging workouts that drive results.
boxer-557143_640The Heavy Bag Workout
If you doubt that a pair of gloves and a heavy bag can deliver results, think again. In fact, kickboxing is one of the highest intensity workouts you can have—as well as being a great way to add variety to your weekly exercise routine. Here’s how to do it:
• To start, set the clock for fifteen minutes. Put your gloves on (ensuring they are a comfortable fit) and tighten your core. Stand facing the heavy bag and hit the bag (straight hit, making sure your wrists aren’t hitting at a curved angle) for one minute without stopping.
• Spend the next two minutes doing round punches (feet facing forward, punch with your right hand, at an angle coming from behind, with a tight core; then repeat on the left side).
• Standing facing the wall, squat as low as you can, and then kick the heavy bag with your right leg (making sure your chin is making contact, not your foot). Repeat for 15 kicks, and then position yourself on the left side, kicking in the same manner with your left leg.
• Take a break from kicking and punching, and get down on the ground for 15 push-ups, followed by 25 walking lunges, followed by 10 burpees.
• Repeat this process one more time, or until the timer gets to twenty minutes.
One of the greatest benefits to doing the plank (and increasing the length of time you can ‘plank’) is that it is the ultimate core strengthener—while also acting as a total body workout. In addition, it can strengthen your lower back, and improve your balance. Not bad for an exercise that requires you to be still! Here’s how to do it:
• Get into a starting push-up position. Make sure that your palms are firmly planted on the ground and your pelvis is pulled in and your abs are contracted as tight as they’ll go.
• Squeeze your thigh muscles, and glutes.
• Hold this position for as long as you can. If you’re just starting, a good goal is 30 seconds. Work your way up to a minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, etc.
For this exercise, you’ll want to start off in a standing position, arms at your side, and your legs shoulder width apart. Place five-pound weights (or whatever the right amount of weight is for you, be it less or more) by your left and right side. Jump down into a push-up position, and with a straight back (no curving!), take the right weight and pull it up past your lats. Do the same thing with your left weight (while still in the push-up position). Then, jump back up (as though you were doing a burpee.) Repeat for 15.
The best part about these exercises is that you can adjust and modify them to your current strength, and continually challenge yourself as the weeks go on. When you focus on these three workouts, you’ll lose more weight in less time, and see the fitness results you’ve been after!