Businessman With Shoulder Pain Using ComputerMany people find the lower back to be one of their weakest muscle group, and there may be reason for that. It could be that it’s the area you completely ignore strengthening! When was the last time you worked out yours? Whether you wake up with aches and pains, or you feel the pain after a long day of sitting down at your desk, these exercises will make you feel great, and earn you that sexy back you’ve been waiting for!

The Morning Exercise You Need in Your Life

This is the perfect lower back workout for your morning gym routine. All you need is a bar, some weights and the perseverance to push through this workout! Start by coming right under the bar and ensuring that your shoulders (facing your back to it) is right below it. Holding the bar with one hand on each side will give you the balance you need to squat, lift and earn killer posture! Slowly lift yourself up until you’re standing (shoulder width apart) and with a straight back. Then, slowly lift yourself back down again, until your hips are bent. Do three sets of this morning exercise, and averaging about 15 reps per set.

The Deadlift

DeadliftDeadlifts are another great exercise for promoting a healthy, fit and uber strong backside! It’s also great for fighting off ‘office back pain’ – a condition that puts any office worker at risk! You’ll want to grip the bar by bending your hips and ensuring that you’re standing shoulder width apart. Make sure you’ve got a firm grip, and that your posture as you bend down through your hips isn’t curved, but at an ‘angle’ as much as possible by keeping your chest up. Move the bar up slowly, and once it has passed your knees, quickly pull the bar back towards your chest. As you bring the bar back to your starting position, do it slowly by tightening your core.

The Helpful Hyperextension

Being at your desk day after day can really wreak havoc on your back (not to mention your metabolism and energy level.) Hit the gym before you head to work and work on these hyperextensions. Then, you’ll not only start your day off in a healthy manner, but you’ll have a boost in energy, to boot!

Start by lying down on a bench, and lay your thighs on the pad. If you’re in the correct position, your body will be flat and lying straight across the bench. Next, cross your arms over your chest, and bend at the waist without rounding out your back (this may take some practice, but you’ll get there). As you bend, you should be able to feel a healthy stretch of your hamstrings. Come back to your starting position, and repeat.