Do you have a case of the Mondays? Has the start of your week left you feeling nostalgic about the weekend that just passed, drained of energy to barely get you through mid-morning, and otherwise, feeling manic about your Monday?

Good thing you’re reading this, because we have the best ways to transform your manic state into a productive, perky and focused one – all by applying some easy, endorphin pumping workouts to last you through your meetings, responsibilities and tasks,  and otherwise help you navigate your way through the rest of your week with enthusiasm and passion for what you do best!

A cloudy, frazzled brain is normal for the typical Monday morning back at work. What’s not normal? A cloudy, frazzled brain that stays with you all week long. Beat the rest of the pack (your co-workers, boss, and immediate supervisor) by activating your endorphins first thing in the morning. Start with ten minutes of stretching – from hamstrings to glutes, and shoulders to neck.

Set Your Mind and Body Up For a Focused Day

Take it up a notch by multi-tasking your stretches to prepare for your busy day ahead. Close your eyes as you reach for your toes, and visualize an ideal work day, as if you’re watching a movie in your mind. What does the ideal morning meeting look like to you? How does your client respond to your presentation in the afternoon?  How does it feel to be productive, alert and focused as you answer your emails in record time?

Visualize how you want your day to pan out as your stretch your muscles, and you’ll find that setting yourself up for success (in both mind and body) will give you everything you need to say goodbye to your ‘manic’ Monday and say hello to a ‘fantastic’ Monday instead.

Ten Minute Breaks Every Hour

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a workaholic who spends more time at the office than outside of it, or a busy on-the-go student, you’re life doesn’t leave much time for exercise, let alone for the stress to take over. So, don’t let it! Combat stress by a simple exercise that can be done in a chair, bench or even on the side of your bed.

Start with three sets of tricep dips, followed by three sets of push-ups. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a cubicle, or in your dorm room studying. Everyone needs a ten minute break once an hour, and studies show that when you take that much needed time away from the computer, you’re refocusing and recharging your intellect, perception, and overall on-the-job satisfaction.

Treat your Monday as if it’s a Friday – and give it your all. By putting yourself first through an energizing workout, and aligning your mind and body to connect and work together on the same team (instead of acting as rivals!) you’ll set yourself up for success…every day of the week.