You can spend another evening cruising the couch on a Netflix binge…or you can get moving. There is good reason to choose the latter. When couples’ workout together they are more likely to stick with it. According to Psychology Today, joint sweat sessions also strengthen your bond and boost relationship satisfaction. What are the best workouts you can do with your sweetie? Give these a try.

Kneeling partner twist
This one tones your abs, a definite plus. You’ll need a medicine ball or close substitute to get started along with a yoga mat or towel to protect your knees. Kneel on the floor back-to-back, and slowly twist to one side to hand the ball to your partner. Your partner should be turning to receive the ball. After the hand off, twist to the other side as your partner turns to hand the ball back to you. Continue passing the ball in that direction for 60-90 seconds, and then repeat the exercise in reverse.

Did you know…?
A recent Reader’s Digest article reported that, “…your emotional eating can be triggered by your spouse’s stress. A study of married couples, people whose partner had been worried for a year or longer tended to gain weight, with some adding four or more inches to their waistlines over four years.” Another good reason to work out together. You’ll reduce stress AND your waistline.

Take a hike, or ride a bike
Sometimes easiest is best. Biking, hiking and walking require little or no equipment or travel. Just step outside your door to get started. You can adjust best on time available and fitness level. Sharing stories or a few laughs makes the time together even better.

Pull and release seated row
This one tones your biceps and back. You’ll need a towel or close substitute to get started. Sit on the floor with the bottoms of your feet touching and knees slightly bent. Your spine should be straight. Grab the towel on opposite ends and let the tug of war begin. One of you will pull the towel toward your midsection, squeezing your lats in tight as the other pulls in the opposite direction. Move back and forth for the desired number of reps.

Head to the gym
Use the elliptical or treadmill side by side. Or you can lift, spin or swim together. If the couple that plays together really does stay together, you’ll both look pretty svelte dancing at your anniversary party.

workout postureHook squats
Stand back to back with your significant other in the starting squat position. Squat down together and slowly walk clockwise in a circle while maintaining the squat. After you complete the circle count to 10 (20 if you can) and begin again, this time counterclockwise. Continue for desired number of reps.

Channel your youth
Dust off those old PE moves: Move the furniture and do some joint jumping jacks or jump rope, push-ups, sit-ups and high knees.

Get up and dance
Anything that gets your heart rate up counts as cardio. Crank up the tunes and bust a move, get your garden growing or toss a Frisbee in the grass.

Working out as a couple can boost overall health and relationship satisfaction. You’ll look and feel more confident, too. Healthy and sexy? An unbeatable combination.